SeVeN – EU Lightning’s Blade & Ravenscrest

SeVeN is a guild created on EU World of Warcraft back in the initial Vanilla version of the game. The Guild has been heavily involved in all expansions and has done very well throughout!

This site is to pay homage to such a great guild, and great group of people who I feel privileged to know!

If you want me to add any content, or want an account to add your own please let me know.


5 thoughts on “SeVeN – EU Lightning’s Blade & Ravenscrest”

  1. When i see all those killvids again , omg man , what do i miss all u people…
    lets all get back and smash the competition like we always did!!

    Greetings from Blackus,
    Aka. The Fat Dwarf Shadow Priest

  2. Scatha here, joined during BC and I stopped playing during Lich King. I’ve played a bit on and off when each new expansion has come out. I’m still on lightning’s blade playing Scatha! Some seriously awesome memories playing with you guys, I hope everyone is doing well and if anyone is still playing comment below and get in touch

  3. I’m still playing, mostly on Ravencrest on a DH. SeVeN still exists and there’s some of the old people on it still but lots I don’t recognise! They are doing pretty well raiding!

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